[CentOS] Selecting a Desktop

Sat Dec 5 23:37:05 UTC 2020
david <david at daku.org>


Some of my users like GNOME, some like XFCE, and there's even a MATE 
lover out there.  And some would like to change desktops from time to 
time.  Is there some way to allow a user to choose her own 
desktop?  I can envision at least two ways this might be done:

1)  Present a user with a command-line login, and have a program 
(let's call it 'gui') so the user could type in "gui g" for gnome, 
"gui m' for mate, and so on.

2)  Present a uses with a gui login-in screen, which also includes a 
desktop selector.

Of course, it would only offer those desktops which are installed.

Is there such?