[CentOS] PXE configuration

Sat Dec 19 00:07:01 UTC 2020
Erick Perez - Quadrian Enterprises <eperez at quadrianweb.com>

Hi guys,
I have a Centos 7.9 TFTP/PXe server that I use to serve ISO installers. I
can properly serve installers but not live CDs.

But I want to add a live cd, I'm using this but is not working.

Can someone suggest a fix?

label 2
menu label ^2) Run Centos LiveCD 79 x64
kernel centos7_x64_livecd_genome/isolinux/vmlinuz0
append initrd=centos7_x64_livecd_genome/isolinux/initrd0.img
rootfstype=auto ro rd.live.image


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