[CentOS] OwnCloud vs NextCloud

Mon Feb 24 06:04:25 UTC 2020
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>

Le 23/02/2020 à 02:34, H a écrit :
> I am planning to install either ownCloud or NextCloud on a CentOS 7 VPS
> server I control. I have previously used ownCloud on another server but have
> not updated the host application for quite some time. On this new server, I
> am not sure which one is the "best" and since I am doing a new install I
> need to decide which one to use.

I've been running OwnCloud for the last five years or so, for my own needs, and 
also for a few clients.

I'm using it for basic things like file synchronization, contacts and calendar, 
with Linux, Windows, Android and iOS clients.

The "production" channel of the stable version JustWorks(tm) and *never* causes 
any trouble.

I know Nextcloud has the better licence and features galore, *but* as far as I 
can tell from various forum posts, they concentrate more on features and less 
on polishing.

So for the moment I guess I'll stay with OwnCloud. Never change a winning team.

I've written a few detailed blog posts about installing and maintaining 
OwnCloud on CentOS 7. They're in French, but I guess you can figure out the 
Unix bits. :o)




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