[CentOS] dbus/systemd failure on startup (CentOS 7.7)

Tue Feb 25 16:44:53 UTC 2020
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 1/23/20 9:33 AM, James Pearson wrote:
> Simon Matter wrote:
>>> However, we would still like to know what the issue is and get a 'real'
>>> fix - I guess we could try creating a bug report with Redhat ...
>> By bug report you mean BZ or a support request as paying RHEL customer?
> A BZ ...
>> Unfortunately I'm not too happy anymore with how BZs are handled these
>> days. Am I alone with this feeling?
> I've had mixed results with BZs - it appears if a bug 'tickles the
> fancy' of someone a Redhat that sees the ticket, then you can get good
> results - otherwise, they just sit there until the release goes out of
> support and they get dropped :-)

Starting with CentOS-8 Stream, you will be able to fix this issues like
this yourself and then submit a pull request for review to get it rolled
into CentOS Stream and then into RHEL proper.

Also, you can figure out what is wrong and submit the fix WITH the BZ ..
i mean, that is why the CentOS community exists .. to submit community

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