[CentOS] Installing a single rpm package from desktop/browser on CentOS 7

Fri Feb 21 09:10:20 UTC 2020
Toralf Lund <toralf.lund at pgs.com>

If I want to install a software package from a simple rpm file "the GUI 
way" on a CentOS 7 system, what am I supposed to do? If I open the file 
in the desktop, or alternatively, click on a link to a package in the 
browser and tell it to use the default app, gnome-software (I think) 
opens, but it just displays the message

Sorry, something went wrong

I mean, really? Isn't this something that should just work? It certainly 
did in past releases...

If I quite simply remove gnome-software, which I don't much like anyway, 
it looks like the handling reverts to the archive extract tool (whatever 
it's called these days), which is actually an improvement, but still not 
very helpful.

So, what's everyone else doing in these situations? Is there a 
"standard" alternative application? I know this was handle by 
gnome-packagekit for a while, but its component for installation from 
file seems to be gone. And, yeah, I know about rpm command line and yum 
and all, but shouldn't there be a "more user-friendly" way?


- Toralf