[CentOS] running .jar files on Centos 7

Sat Feb 22 20:17:51 UTC 2020
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>


I'm trying to learn to use audio cleanup tools from clickrepair.net.

they're written in Java and distributed as .jar files.

I'm having trouble running them, due, I'm sure, largely to my ignorance.

I have icedtea installed, but it just errors out when I try to use it
to run any of the jar files:

Fatal: Read Error: Could not read or parse the JNLP file. You can try to download this file manually and send it as a bug report to IcedTea-Web team.

if I press the "Show Details" button from the box containing that message I get this:

net.sourceforge.jnlp.LaunchException: Fatal: Read Error: Could not read or parse the JNLP file. You can try to download this file manually and send it as bug report to IcedTea-Web team.
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.Launcher.fromUrl(Launcher.java:487)
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.Launcher.launch(Launcher.java:287)
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.runtime.JnlpBoot.run(JnlpBoot.java:67)
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.runtime.Boot.run(Boot.java:258)
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.runtime.Boot.run(Boot.java:62)
        at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.runtime.Boot.main(Boot.java:198)
Caused by: net.sourceforge.jnlp.ParseException: Invalid XML document syntax.
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.XMLParser.getRootNode(XmlParser.java:118)
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.MalformedXMLParser.getRootNode(MalformedXMLParser.java:79)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:62)
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:498)
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.Parser.getRootNode(Parser.java:1321)
        at net.sourceforge.jnlp.JNLPFile.parse(JNLPFile.java:815)

BTW, I don't see any .jnlp files anywhere in these packages....

I have no clue, can anyone enlighten me?

Thanks in advance!

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