[CentOS] Downgrade Mariadb 10.3 on centos 8 ?

Tue Feb 25 18:16:50 UTC 2020
Ian B <ibrierley at gmail.com>

We've just got a new server running centos 8 and mariadb 10.3.17, so
there's no real data loss issues currently on that server. We've also got
some older servers running mysql 5.1.7 which can't be upgraded currently.

We can't connect to the old mysql servers using libmysqlclient (to be more
precise Perl using DBD::mysql which uses that to my understanding). We get
a 'handshake error', and digging about it suggests that it's mysql version

Really we need the new servers connecting to the old and vice versa.

So I'm wondering how I get around this. Is downgrading Mariadb on Centos 8
the only (or possible) route here ? If so, any idea how we can go about
this (I can't seem to find any information on what version would work

Happy to explore any other routes, other than changing the old servers