[CentOS] can't boot after volume rename

Tue Jan 7 05:23:53 UTC 2020
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> I renamed my volume with vgrename however I didn't complete the other
> steps.
> Mainly update fstab and intiramfs. Once I booted, I was dropped on the
> Dracut shell. From here I can see the newly rename VG and I can lvm lvscan
> as well as activate it, lvm vgchange -ay.

IIRC this could all be done before rebooting. I know I did it in the past
but don't remember exactly and also don't remember the exact CentOS
versions used.

What I'd try is to rename the VG back to its original name and try to get
a bootable system again. Then I think you can make all the changes to
fstab and grub and rename again and reboot.