[CentOS] can't boot after volume rename

Tue Jan 7 18:08:21 UTC 2020
Paul Amaral <razor at meganet.net>

I actually renamed it back to the original vg name after I passed Dracut and regenerated the initramfa img and it did the trick. I guess it doesn’t like “-“ on volume group names. 


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Strahil, thanks for your reply, I ended up getting the server to boot under Dracut only, it’s still not booting from the boot menu. It goes to Dracut where it complaints it can’t find any of the lvms. However, when I do lvm vgchange -ay it boots upon exit from Dracut. I did notice that the UUIDs from lvm lvdisplay and blkid are different. Could this be the cause of the problem? I did generate the intiramfs img various times. My volume is named volume-group-1 and I think having the the “-“ on the name is making things worse.


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Get a CentOS Install media , boot from it and select troubleshoot.

Then mount your root LV, boot lv , /proc/, /sys, /dev & /run (last 4 with "bind" mount option).

Then chroot into the root LV's mount point and then change grub menu and run "dracut -f --regenerate-all"


last step is to reboot and test.


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Strahil Nikolov


В понеделник, 6 януари 2020 г., 17:05:54 ч. Гринуич-5, Paul Amaral via CentOS <centos at centos.org <mailto:centos at centos.org> > написа: 



I renamed my volume with vgrename however I didn't complete the other steps.

Mainly update fstab and intiramfs. Once I booted, I was dropped on the

Dracut shell. From here I can see the newly rename VG and I can lvm lvscan

as well as activate it, lvm vgchange -ay. 




However I can't figure out what to do next, I'm assuming I need to

regenerate the initramfs and then boot to change grub? Could someone point

me in the right direction to recovering a FS from Dracut, or other means,

once the volume group name was changed.









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