[CentOS] Blocking attacks from a range of IP addresses

Thu Jan 9 01:44:35 UTC 2020
Keith Christian <keith1christian at gmail.com>

On Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 5:37 PM H <agents at meddatainc.com> wrote:

> I am being attacked by an entire subnet where the first two parts of the
> IP address remain identical but the last two parts vary sufficiently that
> it is not caught by fail2ban since the attempts do not meet the cut-off of
> a certain number of attempts within the given time.
> Has anyone created a fail2ban filter for this type of attack? As of right
> now, I have manually banned a range of IP addresses but would like to
> automate it for the future.
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Tough one.

Not the solution you’re looking for, but until you have a solution, block
the whole range in iptables.