[CentOS] Using shared printers in CentOS 8

Thu Jan 9 22:47:50 UTC 2020
Orion Poplawski <orion at nwra.com>

On 1/6/20 2:44 PM, Robert Nichols wrote:
> How do I let a CentOS 8 client make use of the shared printers advertised by
> CUPS on the network? In CentOS 6, this was just a matter in a checkbox "Show
> printers shared by other systems" on the CUPS Admin page. Is this function
> still available somehow? Manually adding all the shared printers on every
> client would be painful.

Look into running cups-browsed and setting:

BrowseRemoteProtocols dnssd cups

in /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf.

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