[CentOS] dbus/systemd failure on startup (CentOS 7.7)

Thu Jan 23 15:33:09 UTC 2020
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

Simon Matter wrote:
>> However, we would still like to know what the issue is and get a 'real'
>> fix - I guess we could try creating a bug report with Redhat ...
> By bug report you mean BZ or a support request as paying RHEL customer?

A BZ ...

> Unfortunately I'm not too happy anymore with how BZs are handled these
> days. Am I alone with this feeling?

I've had mixed results with BZs - it appears if a bug 'tickles the 
fancy' of someone a Redhat that sees the ticket, then you can get good 
results - otherwise, they just sit there until the release goes out of 
support and they get dropped :-)

James Pearson