[CentOS] (SOLVED) YUM (DNF) Possible Confusion Centos 8

Fri Jan 24 03:47:51 UTC 2020
david <david at daku.org>

<lots snipped>

>The redhat access page comes up in both google and duckduckgo when I put
>in the entire 4 lines of the error message.  You still have to login to
>see the solution.
>Other than that you could create a login on the redhat site and register
>as a developer (free of charge) and have access to some of their online
>resources including the access knowledgebase.
>I am mostly a CentOS user, and installed redhat 8 so I could start
>working on my applications before CentOS 8 was released.

I have a free subscription, but still can't get to the solution page.  Oh well.