[CentOS] yum update / kernal update failed - remove or repair

Sat Jan 25 00:56:00 UTC 2020
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 23/1/20 12:44 am, Gary Stainburn wrote:
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> As I will probably only have one chance to fix this (without having to get the ISP's help again) I was wondering if there are any clear instructions on how to remove a failed kernel RPM update, returning the server to the state it was in prior to the YUM update?
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If you do not want to involve the ISP ever again when a kernel won't 
boot, you can configure a fallback kernel [0].  I've used something 
similar a very long time ago when the main boot loader was LILO - it was 
much easier to do this kind of thing with it.

[0]: https://anindya.me/2011/09/17/grub-fallback-after-kernel-panic/