[CentOS] Centos 7 32 Bits install.

Sat Jan 25 03:11:06 UTC 2020
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 13/1/20 2:54 am, Ger van Dijck wrote:
> Hi all,
> Question : Can I install Centos7 32 Bits on a computer i386 32 bits 
> little indian pentium III Copermine Model8 Cpufamily 6 CpuMhz 863.979 
> (lscpu) grep -i pae /proc/cpuinfo gives a flag pae .
> ...

Here's an alternative if CentOS performance is not satisfactory on that 

I believe Elive [0] was created for exactly your aged computer.When you 
visit [1] below, take a look at the section titled "*Fast Dinosaurs!*" 
where they have a few YouTube videos showing old computers running 
Elive.  One video in particular: "*Pentium-II, 266 Mhz, 64 MB of RAM, 
12GB HD Toshiba 4080xcdt -- Running Elive!*"

It took about 3 minutes to get to the GUI.  However, the point here is 
that /*if*/ Elive runs on a Pentium-II @ 266Mhz, it ought to run quite 
well on a Pentium-III @ +860Mhz.

[0]: https://www.elivecd.org/
[1]: https://www.elivecd.org/user-reviews/