[CentOS] Centos 7 Lyx - installing templates and class files

Fri Jan 24 21:36:29 UTC 2020
Frank Cox <theatre at sasktel.net>

I'm not kind of an expert using Lyx, but I occasionally do some "structured writing" and on those occasions I've really enjoyed using Lyx; the workflow and the output just can't be beat.

I'm enough of a novice with it that I've never used anything other than the "Article (Standard Class)" document class.

I wrote a short paper using Lyx and the "Article (Standard Class)" last night, and after finishing that I started playing around with Lyx in an effort to learn more about it since I really believe that I'm drastically under-utilizing an extremely powerful program.

I have a question about the template and class files.

When I use "File - New from Template" I get a large list of files in the /usr/share/lyx/templates/ directory, all of which seem to have come from the lyx-common rpm.  When I select one of these templates, some of them work but some of them say something like: "The selected document class requires external files that are not available.  The document class cannot be compiled until the following prerequisites are installed: XXX.cls" (where XXX is usually a name related somehow to the name of the template).

Searching for the XXX.

Same thing if I just use "File - New" and then look at Document - Settings - Document Class".  There are all kinds of document classes listed but about 75% of them are grayed out and unselectable.

It appears that lyx-common installs all kinds of templates but not the cls files that are needed to actually use them.  It would be nice to somehow enable all of these templates and document classes so I could play around with them a bit.

Some google searching has led to some fairly contradictory information about how this all works.

One suggestion that I came across was to simply install all of the available texlive rpms and that will install all of the missing files.  rpm tells me that I currently have 216 texlive* rpms on my computer, and yum says that there are 688 texlive* rpms available so there are apparently another 472 texlive rpms that I don't actually have installed.

Before I install 472 more rpms on this computer I would like to ask any of you fine folks who use lyx if this is indeed the right way to go about this, or if I'm barking up the wrong tree here?

How do you get the rest of the files that Lyx needs to be able to use that long list of (unavailable) document classes and templates?

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