[CentOS] anybody need a ... ??

Sat Jan 25 15:47:05 UTC 2020
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>


We're cleaning house, trying to downsize so we can move into a
retirement community, so we're finding all sorts of stuff to get
rid of.

One thing I'm reluctant to throw out is my Multitech MT5600BA V90

I used it for dialup for several years before broadband became available
and it was great, stable, and fast. (its predecessor, a much-touted
consumer-grade V90 modem was unreliable and not great). I'm thinking we
are/were on an unstable copper pair, but the phone company said it was

So, anyway, I have this lovely industrial-strength modem I'd like to
provide someone, "free to a good home", if anyone has, or knows of
anyone who  has, a use for a V90 modem.

Original packaging (including the floppy-based "drivers" for windoze! :) )
and a printout of the modem manual.


Thanks in advance!

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