[CentOS] what's the advantage of NetworkManager for server?

Wed Jul 1 02:41:19 UTC 2020
d tbsky <tbskyd at gmail.com>

Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>
> On 6/29/20 11:20 AM, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> > ...
> > In the event of a power loss, many servers will boot faster than the
> > managed Ethernet switch they are attached to.  Systems managed by
> > network-scripts may not set up their network because there is no
> > carrier at the time that networks-scripts start up.
> >
> > Network-manager, on the other hand, will set up networking whenever
> > the interface becomes ready.

> Prior to the NetworkManager intelligence, I would have to manually reset
> the host in the Bladecenter after the EMC was up and after the 7609 was
> up.  Not any more.  Nice. (Clariion can take 15-20 minutes to come all
> the way back up on a hard power fail; 7609 can take 10 minutes if not
> longer. Bladecenter takes 5 at most.)

our switches also take long time to be up. and our servers are booting
fast. I don't know what's the problem with the situation. with
network-scripts, the network settings is ready early. when physical
network goes up, the related service is up too. maybe your situation
need dynamic logic like dhcp or some kind of timeout so can not wait
for long time?

our servers may have team,bridge,vlan and complex routing. with static
configuration they work fine. I don't want them up/down with network
cable. I want them always setup and ready. I don't know if
NetworkManager can handle these correctly with dynamic logic now. in
early EL7 days, I have a teamd dependency problem. with network-scrips
it can be fixed immediately . but with NetworkManager it is hard to
fix. I am afraid these kind of bugs.