[CentOS] virt-manager windows guest on CentOS 7

Mon Jul 27 21:37:21 UTC 2020
Jyrki Tikka <jyrki.tikka at iki.fi>

On 2020-07-27 16:45, Jerry Geis wrote:
> My windows client is using "generic display adapter" and not QXL.
> So I mount the VirtIO iso, open windows Manager, right click on Generic
> display display driver and select Update Driver, Browse to my iso, 
> click
> qxl and there are only three listed.
> 2k8R2
> w7
> xp
> how do I get a VIrtio display driver for windows 10 ?
> Thanks,
> jerry

There's a Fedora repo for the VirtIO Drivers and the contents are 
the same as in the RHEL repo.

Everything is explained in this document:


The contents of the repo are here:


Once installed, the virtio-win package makes sure that the latest driver 
is always on your disk.

<(*) Jyrki