[CentOS] wifi settings

Tue Mar 3 09:50:49 UTC 2020
GP <gpdsbe+centos at mailbox.org>

Hi there.

I'm trying to make a backup with deja dup.
The problem is that i connect to internet through my mobile. (I have an
unlimited plan)

When i set automatic backup it says that backup is delayed because of a
metered connection.

The problem is solved if i set with nmcli the GENERAL.METERED to no.

So the ideal solution would be.

How I change the setting so that each time i connect to my mobile wifi
network the setting GENERAL.METERED is set to no.

A not so ideal solution would be each time i connect to an wifi network
the command "nmcli dev modify wlo1 connection.METERED no" is
automatically executed.