[CentOS] Software gone AWOL...

Thu Mar 12 19:16:27 UTC 2020
Robert Heller <heller at deepsoft.com>

I am moving from a CentOS 6 VM to a CentOS 7 VM and two pieces of software I 
use seem to be missing:

RT (from  Best Practical Solutions) -- an RPM for rt 3.1.13 was in 
   EPel 6 and until recently, was also in EPel 7.  It is not there now.  Since 
   it is just Perl code, I wonder if I can just install the el6 rpm on a 
   CentOS 7 system.
Bugzilla -- I installed this from an RPM on my CentOS 6 server 
   (bugzilla-3.4.14-2.el6.noarch).  It is not in the EPel 7.  It too is noarch 
   (also Perl code) and wonder if I can just install the el6 rpm (if I can 
   find it somewhere -- a yum search bugzill finds it, but it is not actually 
   there in the repo.
Are there other solutions?  (Installing RT "from source" is something of a 
bear, since there are lots of Perl module dependencies, that I would rather 
yum deal with if possible.)

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