[CentOS] Saving windows and settings in CentOS 7 running MATE

Mon Mar 2 17:04:31 UTC 2020
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

H wrote:
> I have installed gnome session save and restore per
> http://blog.thewebsitepeople.org/2013/07/gnome-session-save-and-restore/.
> I am running the MATE Desktop on CentOS 7 but the app above does not
> seem to save and restore the positions and sizes of directory listing
> windows, nor does it save the order of the windows on the taskbar at
> the bottom.
> Does anyone have a better solution?

Not sure GNOME settings are relevant with Mate ...

With Mate, you should be able to do:

  gsettings set org.mate.session auto-save-session true

James Pearson