[CentOS] signing modules

Mon Mar 16 17:46:14 UTC 2020
Jerry Geis <jerry.geis at gmail.com>

HI all- Thanks for the comments. However -I'm getting no where.

Let me start again.

My 'hardware" does not have the ability to turn off secure boot. Its an
Intel NUC7C - not possible.
SO instead of my generic "image" i have that I copy to physical disk (has
all my install,setup etc... everything ready).
I created a new UEFI disk that again has everything setup and ready.   All
works on teh image.

Then when I copy to the image and boot up - I noticed things are not quite
This one module is one example.
I think there are others I have not noticed yet.

So "how" can I create an image for UEFI that has everything setup - and
then copy that image to a physical disk and expect everything to still be
the same and working?