[CentOS] Building a NFS server with a mix of HDD and SSD (for caching)

Tue Mar 24 20:43:16 UTC 2020
kadafax at gmail.com <kadafax at gmail.com>

On 24/03/2020 17:37, Simon Matter via CentOS wrote:
> Hi,
>> Hi list,
>> I'm building a NFS server on top of CentOS 8.
>> It has 8 x 8 TB HDDs and 2 x 500GB SSDs.
>> The spinning drives are in a RAID-6 array. They are 4K sector size.
>> The SSDs are in RAID-1 array and with a 512bytes sector size.
>> I want to use the SSDs as a cache using dm-cache. So here what I've done
>> so far:
>> /dev/sdb ==> SSD raid1 array
>> /dev/sdd ==> spinning raid6 array
> Looks like you're using a hardware raid controller, right?

Yes it's a "PERC H740P Mini" with 8GB of cache.

>> I've added "allow_mixed_block_sizes = 1" to lvm.conf to be able to add
>> sdb and sdd in the same VG (because of the sector size missmatch). But
>> as the LVs will only use one and only one PV I guess it's OK.
>> # lvcreate -L 500M -n lv_cache_meta VGnfs /dev/sdb
>> # lvcreate -l +100%FREE -n lv_cache VGnfs /dev/sdb
>> # lvconvert --type cache-pool /dev/VGnfs/lv_cache --poolmetadata
>> /dev/VGnfs/lv_cache_meta
>> # lvcreate -l +100%FREE -n LVnfs VGnfs /dev/sdd
>> # lvconvert --type cache /dev/VGnfs/LVnfs --cachepool /dev/VGnfs/lv_cache
>> # lvconvert --cachemode writeback --type cache /dev/VGnfs/LVnfs
>> --cachepool /dev/VGnfs/lv_cache
>> # mkfs.xfs /dev/VGnfs/LVnfs
>> And now I'm asking myself if I'm not doing something somewhat dangerous
>> for a server that will be critical when in production :]
> I can't comment here as I've never used SSD as a cache the way you do it.
>> The server has 128GB of RAM so maybe the caching in memory will be
>> sufficient to achieve good performance ?
> The 128GB will of course help as read cache but what about write cache? If
> your raid hardware has battery/flash based write cache and is big enough,
> then you could set it in write back mode and make use of it.

Yes it has, the current mode is write back until the battery condition 
is problematic.

>   I'm not sure
> your proposed configuration is safe enough.

Yes, I'm thinking about abandoning it, especially since I'm achieving 
acceptable performance without another layer of cache.
I was just wondering if other people were using it in production.

Thanks anyway, take care

> Regards,
> Simon
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