[CentOS] du hung, wild display in ps

Thu May 7 03:00:22 UTC 2020
Fred Smith <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

On Wed, May 06, 2020 at 06:24:10PM -0700, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> On 5/6/20 12:28 PM, Fred Smith wrote:
> >Was running du to examine the sizes of my backups and
> >found du hung,
> /mnt/backup is probably a network-mounted filesystem that is offline
> for one reason or another.
> You could try "umount -f /mnt/backup" if you can't get the mount
> working by any other means.  If that doesn't work, then "umount -l
> /mnt/backup" and reboot.

Sorry, I forgot to mention it's USB-3 and has been working for a coupla

A reboot solved it, powering the device off/on made no difference, as
did replugging the cable.

Afterwards, I recalled that I had run a much belated yum update 2 or
3 days ago and had failed/forgotten to reboot. Probably some necessary
item had gotten wedged somehow because of that. (seen it before, but
not with a USB device.)

Thanks for the reply, though.

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