[CentOS] network disconnection after several hours

Thu May 7 08:36:30 UTC 2020
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>


> Thanks Simon,
> Of course we are not sure but we have a strong feeling :
> - We tried the restore in loop (14) and all worked fine when firewall is
> disabled.- We tried the restore several times but no more 2  succeed
> restore at a row when firewall is enabled.
> We also tried :
>    - - iptables avec nftables en backend
>    - - firewalld avec nftables en backend
>    - - nft avec nftables en backend
>    - but no improvment.
> We would want to try "iptables with netfilter" this but we have not find
> how to switch to.
> Do you think server subpackage of NM is a track to follow?


I suggest to try it at least as it's so easy:

yum/dnf install NetworkManager-config-server