[CentOS] ether-wake

Mon May 18 15:45:01 UTC 2020
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> Actually you are not correct.
> 1st: I didn't quote the wikipedia article,  someone sent that as an
> answer to my previous post.
>     (similar mindset probably, as in your response)
> 2: You are wrong,  broadcast packets, like for example DHCP, and also
> WOL (if UDP), can be routed, by
> the means of ip helper addresses and directed broadcasts on Cisco
> equipment
> Also, you like others seem to have a very hard time understanding what
> is wriiten/asked.  I asked "What port number does
> ether-wake us",  ether-wake being part of Centos So what I am looking
> for is a number,  like 9, 37 or something in case it is

Part of the problem is that there is no THE WOL package as there are
different forms of WOL and their packages.

One way is using UDP port 9 as you said. I was using the script below to
do so (using socat) but I can tell you that this method doesn't work for
all devices.



# The magic packet is a broadcast frame containing anywhere within its
# 6 bytes of all ones (FF FF FF FF FF FF in hexadecimal), followed by sixteen
# repetitions of the target computer's 48-bit MAC address.
for ((CNT=0; CNT < 16; CNT++)); do

echo -en "$MAGIC" | socat -T1 -u STDIO \

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