[CentOS] how does autofs deal with stuck NFS mounts and suspending to RAM?

Thu May 21 05:25:12 UTC 2020
hw <hw at gc-24.de>

On Tuesday, May 19, 2020 12:28:59 PM CEST isdtor wrote:
> > That's what I thought.  Should I make a bug report?  Sshfs is clearly
> > intended to reconnect automatically when mounted like that, and it
> > doesn't do that.
> Not so clearly. Look at the sshfs reconnect option, and also ssh/ssfs
> ServerAliveInterval/ServerAliveCountMax.

Isn't the reconnect option intended to re-establish the connection after it 
was interrupted while the keep-alive options are supposed to be able to detect 
when the conncetion is interrupted?  I used them, and still sshfs will just 
freeze and require a reboot, which makes it unusable.

It's easy to verify if the connection is back or not by logging in manually 
with ssh.  So how isn't this a bug with sshfs in that it should resume rather 
than freeze up?