[CentOS] How to Load Custom CentOS 7 Image

Thu May 21 12:23:29 UTC 2020
Xinhuan Zheng <xzheng at christianbook.com>

Dear All,

> It seems like kickstart is what you are looking for.?
> Is this what you were trying to do?

Yes, kickstart is what I’m looking for. Let me detail my provisioning process:

  *   Provision a VM with standard CentOS 7 NetInstall ISO & my post script. The file system is created on top of LVM
  *   Export entire VM as custom ISO image to be loaded into physical hardware
  *   Kickstart physical hardware using above exported custom image & different grub/isolinux configuration

Although I could just use the same CentOS 7 NetInstall ISO & run all my post script to the physical HW, it may take a few hours, since post script is long, and I wonder if above process will speed up, since the VM has everything needed.

If that process isn’t feasible, then I’ll just do the same thing for physical hardware.


- Xinhuan