[CentOS] enp0s25 disconnect

Wed Nov 4 15:05:19 UTC 2020
Paul Heinlein <heinlein at madboa.com>

On Tue, 3 Nov 2020, Michael Hennebry wrote:

> I tried to boot a Centos 8.2 install CD,
> one burned with Centos-8-2-2004-x86_64-boot .
> In the setup, it persisted in telling me
> that ethernet thing enp0s25 was disconnected.
> Nyet.
> 'Twas working several seconds previous and is working now.
> This is a showstopper.
> How do I debug it?

I had the same thing happen in a VM. My interface was ens192, and this 

# ==== %< ====
# get status of all network devices
nmcli device status

# look at all the settings for ens192
nmcli connection show ens192

# enable ens192 at boot time
nmcli connection modify ens192 connection.autoconnect yes

# start ens192 immediately
nmcli connection up ens192
# ===== %< ====

Hope that helps.

Paul Heinlein
heinlein at madboa.com
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