[CentOS] ssacli start rebuild?

Wed Nov 11 10:34:56 UTC 2020
Thomas Bendler <ml at bendler-net.de>

Am Mi., 11. Nov. 2020 um 07:28 Uhr schrieb hw <hw at gc-24.de>:

> [...]
> With this experience, these controllers are now deprecated.  RAID
> controllers
> that can't rebuild an array after a disk has failed and has been replaced
> are virtually useless.
> [...]

HW RAID is often delivered with quite limited functionality. Because of
this I switched in most cases to software RAID meanwhile and configured the
HW RAID as JBOD. The funny thing is, when you use the discs previously used
in the HW RAID in such a scenario, the software RAID detects them as RAID
disks. It looks like a significant amount of HW RAID controllers use the
Linux software RAID code in their firmware.

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