[CentOS] Password manager for the command line ?

Mon Nov 23 13:37:36 UTC 2020
Greg Bailey <gbailey at lxpro.com>

On 11/23/20 1:24 AM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Hi,
> On my workstation and my laptop I'm using KeePassXC to store login credentials
> for my websites. The database is stored in my OwnCloud share, so it's
> synchronized between my two computers.
> Ideally I'd like to have something similar for my servers, but command-line
> driven. I know these tools exist but I haven't tested them yet. What I have in
> mind is a command-line password manager that stores the database in an
> encrypted database - like KeePassXC - and then I could eventually store this
> file in a private Gitlab repo to centralize it and access it from all my servers.
> Can you recommend any particular command line password manager ?
> Any recommendations / caveats for this kind of setup ?

I've been using "yapet" for quite awhile:  https://yapet.guengel.ch/

It's already packaged in EPEL.

The password store is in a single file so it's easy to copy between 
servers.  It's a curses interface vs. CLI, though...