[CentOS] Desktop Over NFS Home Blocked By Firewalld

Fri Nov 20 16:05:25 UTC 2020
Michael B Allen <ioplex at gmail.com>


Just installed CentOS 7 that serves a home dir automounted over nfs.
SELinux is disabled. If I go to the client (oldish version of Fedora)
doing su - username works fine and the nfs export is mounted and I can
see all files and everything seems well. But trying to actually login
to the desktop from the client machine does not work. It starts to
login but then just hangs with a black screen. Trying to just launch
libreoffice --writer from a terminal as the nfs mounted user also
hangs on the spash screen. If I then go to the server and 'systemctl
stop firewalld', the desktop instantly logs in fine and libreoffice
works from the term.

So firewalld is blocking something that the Fedora desktop needs. What
is it? What services do I need to add to firewalld?