[CentOS] Unable to get dummy interfaces to persist across reboots in CentOS 8

Fri Oct 16 13:37:34 UTC 2020
Frank Even <lists+centos.org at elitists.org>

Hello all, hoping someone can help me out here.

I cannot get dummy interfaces on a new Cent8 build to persist across reboots.

On Cent7 - this is the process I use:

Create Dummies:
# cat /etc/modules-load.d/dummy.conf
# cat /etc/modprobe.d/dummyopts.conf
options dummy numdummies=4
# ip link add dummy0 type dummy
## - repeating a/ ascending dummyN adapters for as many needed
# service network start
# dracut -f

Now  this  was  different than even how 6 handled it, forget how I
finally dug that up (possible I even asked here).  I've applied this
same configuration to a Cent8 box I'm trying to stand up and it all
appears to work fine, but unlike the Cent7 boxes,  when the Cent8 box
comes back up,  all the dummy adapters are missing.  I've been
searching all over trying to find some documentation on this to no
avail.  I'm hoping someone has some suggestions here to help out.