[CentOS] CentOS 6.10, Epel 4.4.xx kernel, certmonger issue.

Tue Oct 27 17:45:59 UTC 2020
Bill Maltby (C4B) <centos4bill at gmail.com>

Any guidance appreciated.

Been running CentoS 6.1 on my stuff in my 1-man office trying to buy
time to have some liesure to learn the non inittab/telinit/runlevel
stuff as I put up CentOS 8.

So, yes I know EOL is upon me but since I've tried to become a user
after exiting comp. biz decades ago I no longer stay with the "latest
and greatest".

Anyway, Have 6.10 up-to-date on a Ryzen 1700 and it run good.

Installed the EPEL Nvidia k-mod driver and have been trting the 4.4
series of kernels from EPEL as well.

It LOOKs, subjectively, to run much faster than the 2.6.32.xx kernel
and, I suspect, will be more compatible with this hardware.

Boots and runs non-graphical (runlevel 2) just fine.

Problem is when I go to run level five it hangs on certmonger when
running the 4.4 kernels.

Googled and so form a LONG time agao (10 years maybe?) there had been an
issue of hanging at certmonger that was fixed but I never found how it
was fixed.

Anyone have a cluebat for the clueless how I can get this combination to