[CentOS] Laptop display issue

Fri Oct 2 16:31:40 UTC 2020
H <agents at meddatainc.com>

On October 2, 2020 12:24:06 PM EDT, H <agents at meddatainc.com> wrote:
>On October 1, 2020 3:42:34 PM EDT, H <agents at meddatainc.com> wrote:
>>I now have an older laptop with a display problem. I installed Centos
>>on it in February and had to install the xorg-x11-drv-ati and evdev
>>drivers because the docking station has an ATI Radeon card. Everything
>>worked fine with a dual display setup. I probably after that ran a
>>system update but did not reboot while in this office. Today, when I
>>got to the office again for the first time in seven months it does not
>>boot into the desktop but fails after displaying ”Started Light
>>Manager” with a mouse pointer on one display that can be moved but no
>>desktop at all. The keyboard works and I can start a terminal session.
>>If I remove the laptop from the docking station everything works as
>>expected but not in the station, presumably because it now uses the
>>docking station card. Futzing around I see that systemctl --failed
>>lists nothing, nor did dmesg immediately suggest a reason. In the yum
>>history I see that this driver was updated to 19.0.1-3 from the
>>19.0.1-2 that installed with. Yum downgrade to 19.0.1-2 did not change
>>the issue. Nor has booting an older kernel helped so far.
>>Although when I remove quiet from the grub command line it seems to
>>stop after ”Started Load CPU microcode update” following the ”Started
>>Light Display Manager” already mentioned, I strongly suspect some
>>with the graphics driver.
>>Since the computer boots and seems to run fine with the internal
>>display when removed from the docking station it seems that there are
>>no hardware issues in the unit itself. My understanding is that the
>>driver can be a problem and needs to match the kernel etc - perhaps
>>there is something wrong here?
>>Any suggestions for how to attack this? I need to use it in the
>>station and have no alternative. Thank you.
>Researching this further, the issue seems to be with x11. I found that
>blindly typing my password to log into the system seems to log me in
>and launches the expected startup applications. Since there is no
>desktop on the display, I can start a CtrlAlt-F2 root session and can
>verify this by ps aux.
>Looking at Xorg.0.log, I see an error message - when I do not log in as
>a regular user - ”failed to add fb -22” followed by ”modeset(0): failed
>to set mode: invalid argument”. This is presumably the point of failure
>in displaying the graphical desktop.
>Again, this is a ATI Radeon card and occurred after ”some” yum update.
>I have not been able to revert to a previous working desktop yet,
>loading an older kernel does not help. I suspect it is some interaction
>between the kernel, the display driver and x11.
>I found that after initially installing the x11 ATI driver I had also
>installed fglrx-x11 from elrepo I believe but can now not find it, nor
>whether there is an update available that might resolve my problem.
>Any suggestions?

I should also have added that because the wikipages at elrepo.org are down, I cannot consult those...