[CentOS] Firefox 78 under CentOS 6 -- no sound?

Fri Oct 23 09:18:42 UTC 2020
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

Peter wrote:
> What confuses me here is why would Red Hat rebase a package so close to
> EOL.  Now that they have they're stuck with either leaving a severly
> broken firefox or providing a fix less than 6 weeks before EOL.  I
> honestly don't know which way they'll go here but it just seems to me
> like it was a very poor decision to rebase firefox in RHEL6 so close to
> EOL to begin with.

I'm guessing that as Firefox ESR 68 is now a year 'out-of-date' (and no longer supported by Mozilla), that they wanted to provide a more up to date version for those that want to continue using EL6 after its EOL ?

Just a thought, has anyone checked that the Redhat RHEL 6 build of ESR 78 works or or not? i.e. could it be an issue just with the CentOS build ?

James Pearson