[CentOS] Firefox 78 under CentOS 6 -- no sound?

Mon Oct 26 15:28:54 UTC 2020
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

Jonathan Billings wrote:
> Amazingly it appears that Red Hat has released another Firefox:

Red Hat just follow the Mozilla ESR stream release cycle, which is currently ESR 78 with point releases come out every 4 weeks or so

Each ESR stream is supported by Mozilla for about a year, with each major release based on the standard 'rapid release' version at the time - i.e. the previous ESR version was 68, based on the Firefox rapid release version 68 and the current ESR version is 78, based on the Firefox rapid release version 78. The ESR point releases coincide with the rapid release major releases, although the ESR point releases are just for security bug fixes (occasionally contains other non-security bug fixes), whereas the rapid release new major versions may have new features, security and bug fixes plus other enhancements added etc

Therefore the ESR release is more stable over a longer period - and so best suited for 'Enterprise' use

The current ESR version is 78.4.0 - with 78.5.0 coming in November and 78.6.0 in December - so I'm guessing Red Hat might release 78.5.0 before EL6 reaches EOL at the end of November ?

I have no idea if the latest 78.4.0 release from Red Hat will fix the sound issues on EL6

James Pearson