[CentOS] OPENVPN setup in CentOS-6 NetworkManager

Wed Sep 2 14:19:49 UTC 2020
Janos G. Komaromi <janos at jankom.net>

Hi, I need some help. I have CentOS-6 installed on an older 32bit
desktop. The command
su -c "openvpn --config foo.ovpn"
works well, but would like to do it from NetworkManager.

(1) If I try to import foo.ovpn then the certificate file references
are not populated. If I try to select files extracted from foo.ovpn
then the Private key file cannot be selected and therefore setup is

(2) If I create a .conf file with appropriate entries then
NetworkManager imports it fully, including the .pem key file. However,
connection is timed out, connection fails.

I researched Internet, RFM, permissions, SElinux, messages, etc. to no
avail, so I request support.

Do I miss a component? Where can I examine the NetworkManager log? Why
the .pem key file is not selectable?

I try this mailing list first - and thank you.


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