[CentOS] changing subscribed email address?

Wed Sep 2 19:20:51 UTC 2020
Jake Shipton <listmail at crazylinuxnerd.net>

2020-09-02 (水) の 14:30 -0400 に Fred Smith さんは書きました:
> hi!
> I'm going to move soonand will lose this email address, so I'm going
> around
> all my various sbuscriptions changing the subscribed email address.
> But I don't see how to do that for the CentOS lists, other than
> perhaps
> to unsubscribe then re-subscribe.
> Can anyone out enlighten me?
> Thanks in advance!
> Fred


Attached to the footer of every message on the list features the
following link:


You can use this to manage your subscription (Scroll down the page).