[CentOS] Tracking or checking backported kernel patches from upstream

Wed Sep 2 23:31:30 UTC 2020
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 9/2/20 8:17 AM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> You CAN do a diff on the exploded tarball from the SRPM and either the
> last kernel released (to see what is in this update) .. or the
> kernel.org reference kernel .. to see what is different from the
> kernel.org release.

You can, but expanding two kernels and diffing them consumes a lot of 
disk space and time.

To determine if a specific patch is present, it's a little more 
efficient to use only the CentOS kernel source 
and then attempt to apply the patch in question (patch -p1 < 
git-patchfile).  The "patch" application will tell you if it is already 
applied and ask if you want to reverse it, if the patch is already 
present.  If it applies the patch, then it wasn't there already.