[CentOS] Server entering Emergency Shell, but continues fine after pressing Enter

Sat Sep 12 20:04:56 UTC 2020
Quinn Comendant <quinn at strangecode.com>

On 12 Sep 2020 11:40:48, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> In that case, I'd revert the change you made, unlock the root account 
> so that you can use the emergency shell, let the system boot to an 
> emergency shell, and collect the output of "systemctl status 
> initrd-parse-etc.service" and "journalctl -b 0".

Ok, I was able to log in as root in the emergency shell.

I don't see any errors from `systemctl status initrd-parse-etc.service` or
 `journalctl -b 0` (I've pasted the full output here: https://write.as/at21opjv3o9fin1t.txt)

However, if I run `systemctl list-units --failed` it says initrd-switch-root.service is failed. Status of that service:

[root at myhost ~] systemctl status initrd-switch-root.service
● initrd-switch-root.service - Switch Root
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/initrd-switch-root.service; static; vendor preset: disabled)
   Active: failed (Result: signal) since Sat 2020-09-12 19:41:13 UTC; 17min ago
  Process: 204 ExecStart=/usr/bin/systemctl --no-block --force switch-root /sysroot (code=killed, signal=TERM)
 Main PID: 204 (code=killed, signal=TERM)
Sep 12 19:41:13 durian systemd[1]: Starting Switch Root...

But the logs don't show any errors:

[root at myhost ~] journalctl -u  initrd-switch-root.service
-- Logs begin at Sat 2020-09-12 19:41:07 UTC, end at Sat 2020-09-12 19:41:19 UTC
Sep 12 19:41:13 durian systemd[1]: Starting Switch Root...

That's it – just "Starting Switch Root" and nothing more… 😢