[CentOS] Problems with x2go

Tue Sep 15 23:32:00 UTC 2020
Jack Bailey <jack at internetguy.net>

On 9/15/2020 4:24 AM, Stefano Simonucci wrote:
> I have installed x2goserver on a Centos8 server.
> Yesterday, after the installation I was able to connect by means of
> x2go. Today I get the following error ( /var/log/messages)
> /usr/bin/x2gostartagent[2677]: no free display number available, cannot
> start new session.
> Has anyone had the same problem?

This is not the answer to your question, but if this is a new install 
and not an existing installation, consider NoMachine 
<https://www.nomachine.com/>. It's free and so much better than x2go 
it's hard to even compare the two.