[CentOS] iptables & voip

Tue Sep 22 07:00:32 UTC 2020
Radosław Piliszek <radoslaw.piliszek at gmail.com>

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 7:54 PM Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec at pomec.net> wrote:
> Everyone,
> I would like to use our gateway linux machine to give bandwidth preference to voip udp
> packets.  Can anyone point me to a tutorial about the use of voip and iptables?

Arch Linux wiki has nice explanations and examples:

> I usually prefer to use iptables instead of firewalld.  iptables is more intuitive, and
> easier to understand.

Well, iptables is "closer to the metal", for traffic shaping you would
probably need to use raw rules in firewalld so, in fact, iptables

Depending on your setup complexity and preference you might not need
iptables either and just use tc alone.

> Thanks much!!!
> Greg Ennis
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