[CentOS] Resize a VM: any risk involved ?

Thu Apr 8 15:43:25 UTC 2021
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>


I'm currently fiddling with KVM, Proxmox and various VMs.

I setup a very basic VM with a manual (fdisk) partitioning scheme: one /boot
partition, one swap partition, and one root partition, the latter being the
last partition and thus expandable).

I'm starting with a reduced disk size (6 GB in total) and a minimal
installation. The idea behind this approach is that I can clone this minimal VM
and then eventually expand it to fit my needs.

Here's how I expand the available disk size.

First I increase the virtual disk in the hypervisor.

Then I fire up the VM and do the following:

# yum install cloud-utils-growpart
# lsblk
# growpart -v /dev/sda 3
# resize2fs /dev/sda3

Now here's my question (finally): is there any risk involved in this sort of
operation? Or can it be performed on a production system without having to
worry about data loss?

Cheers from the sunny South of France,


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