[CentOS] KVM vs. incremental remote backups

Thu Apr 1 10:10:08 UTC 2021
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> Hi Niki,
> I'm using a similar approach like Stephen's, but with a kink.
> * Kickstart all machines from a couple of ISOs, depending on the
> requirements (the Kickstart process is controlled by Ansible)
> * Machines that have persistent data (which make up about 50% in average)
> have at least two virtual disk devices: The one for the OS (which gets
> overwritten by Kickstart when a machine is re-created), and another one
> for persistent data (which Kickstart doesn't touch)
> * Ansible sets up everything on the base server Kickstart provides,
> starting from basic OS hardening, authentication and ending with
> monitoring and backup of the data volume
> * Backup is done via Bareos to a redundant storage server
> That way I can reinitialise a VM at any time without having to care for
> the persistent data in most cases. If persistent data need to be restored
> as well, Bareos can handle that as soon as the machine has been set up via
> Ansible. OS files are never backed up at all.

Whenever I read such things I'm wondering, what about things like log
files? Do you call them OS files or persistent data? How do you back'em up