[CentOS] Proxmox Backup Server equivalent for the RHEL/CentOS world ?

Wed Apr 14 11:41:02 UTC 2021
Blaž Bogataj <blaz.bogataj at zgs.si>


As I said a couple of weeks ago in response to Niki I have been using ProxMox almost from the beginning ;). 
No "enterprise" version. And backup is one of the reasons for that. NFS on NAS as a backup target is really nice, even one time quicker than backup to local storage (NAS with 10gb FC). 

Also fiddling with RHV. But there is no "free" backup solution. I am trying with Bacchus but no way to schedule backup. Single backup OK, schedule backup no go. 
So now use vProtect, for 5 years not a lot of $. 

But I hope to find some instructions on how to build Prox and use it as software defined storage. I must learn how to build this, especially about a separated management network, without I think I can't build this to get HA. And them migrate from RHV. 

All the best