[CentOS] Centos versions in the future?

Tue Apr 27 14:01:48 UTC 2021
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

On 4/27/21 9:36 AM, Carlos Oliva wrote:
> Thank you for your response Rich. I have heard that Stream is beta 
> releases of RH -- rather distressing. Is this a proper characterization?

No, it is not a "beta". That said, getting people to stop saying that 
has been unproductive. Mostly, therefore, I'd encourage you to try it 
and draw your own conclusions.

CentOS Stream is more directly integrated into the RHEL development 
cycle than CentOS Linux was, getting fixes faster, and providing an 
actual contribution model that didn't exist before.

> On 4/27/2021 9:02 AM, Rich Bowen wrote:
>> On 4/27/21 8:46 AM, Carlos Oliva wrote:
>>> Will there be newer versions of Centos? We have heard rumors that 
>>> version 8 will be the last one. We are concerned with using an OS 
>>> that will loose support in the future. Thank you.
>> We will continue to produce CentOS Stream for the foreseeable future. 
>> There's some details about the announced changes here - 
>> https://blog.centos.org/2020/12/future-is-centos-stream/
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