[CentOS] Transition test report going from CentOS8 to Debian 10.

Wed Aug 4 17:10:43 UTC 2021
Christopher Wensink <cwensink at five-star-plastics.com>


Were these deployed on bare metal or as virtual machines?  If Virtual 
were they on vmware?

Can anyone else chime in on their experience with these platforms in a 
vmware environment?  Are there any special network card / controller 
card settings that have worked best?

Can anyone speak to how well a virtual machine will perform when being 
given 1 socket 1 core, vs. 1 socket 2 cores vs 2 sockets 1 core?


On 8/4/2021 12:03 PM, Lamar Owen wrote:
> On 2/4/21 10:39 AM, Lamar Owen wrote:
>> ...
>> I haven't decided whether to stay on Debian or not; too early to 
>> tell.  ..... 
> Six months on, and no longer too early to tell.  I have found Debian 
> to be minimally different from CentOS, in all actuality; much less 
> different than transitioning to a *BSD would be.  I've transitioned 
> already deployed and configured production CentOS 8 machines to either 
> Alma or Rocky (path of least resistance), keeping CentOS 7 machines on 
> 7 until I need to revisit in 2023, and CentOS 6 machines went to 
> Debian 10.  Now, I'm going to say that the availability of both Rocky 
> and Alma is a very good thing, and that availability made things a lot 
> easier for a few already deployed production systems that needed to 
> stay stable through the end of the year.
> New servers are being deployed on Debian 10; new virtualization hosts 
> on Proxmox 6.4, although I am testing the Proxmox 6 to 7 upgrade path 
> at one site and on my development hosts at the main site.  Proxmox is 
> SLICK.  The upgrade path for simple servers from Debian 10 to Debian 
> 11 is relatively simple, with a few caveats (no python 2.x in 11, so 
> no Mailman 2.x, for instance).  I have upgraded a few development 
> servers from 10 to 11, and no issues were noted.
> Your mileage may vary, of course, but I've had a reasonably good 
> experience with this transition.   Thought I'd never say that; I've 
> been a Red Hat user (partisan, even) for a very long time.
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