[CentOS] A Blast from the past

Tue Aug 17 16:20:51 UTC 2021
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> Thank you for your feedback.
> Unfortunately the manufacturer of our application software will only
> support
> it on RHEL/CentOS 7.0. I have asked and that is all they say.
> When the CentOS 7.0 boots it does not recognise the CPU ID, flags it as a
> soft error then continues.
> The Haswell and the Ice Lake both have 28 cores but different frequencies.
> A couple of clues. At the boot prompt the server cooling fans are running
> slowly. When it hangs, after a short delay, the fans run faster and this
> is
> repeated.
> Also, when it hangs the keyboard is unresponsive and the server status
> LED's
> state that all is okay.
> If Intel adhere to the x86_64 standard for their processors then surely
> the
> only difference would be the addition functionality.
> I am trying to find a resolution as this particular application is perfect
> for our requirements.
> Mark

But, if you only install the newer kernel, does your application work on
it? If so, why not just run it that way?

Apart from that, you could install a current distribution on the host and
then let the application server run in a KVM instance. That way you can
fine tune what kind of CPU/features are provided to the VM.